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Here are the simplified steps: In a bucket, mix 3/4 water with 1/4 bleach place sand dollars in solution remove after turning white place on flat surface dry in sunlight coat one side with solution of 1/2 Elmer’s Glue and 1/2 water let dry on wax paper coat other side let dry Enjoy finding a special bowl to display them or fun project!

Live sand dollars...this article tells a lot about them from a native in the FL coastal area. The live animals look furry and are brown, dark tan, or purple. They often are found in groups positioned vertically like in this picture! They sometimes swallow sand to add weight and keep themselves from being washed away.

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How to Clean and Preserve Sand Dollars

Choose your sand dollars carefully. Don't collect living sand dollars. It's considered inhumane and illegal in some places, to kill sand dollars for the express purpose of drying them out and using them as decoration. Always be conscious of the amount of shells you take, and do your part to preserve the sand dollar species by leaving living creatures in the ocean, or tossing them back if they have mistakenly washed up on shore. Sand dollars that have washed up on shore and are whitish or…

Sand dollars are great souvenirs from the beach. However, they are living and reproducing. If you are digging the out of the ocean, don't take more than one a piece. The dead ones, on the beach, are up for grabs!! We soak ours in a shallow dish of bleach BEFORE taking them home!


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Sand Dollars- this website is filled with great ideas for placing cards


"Clypeasteroida" Motif Neckpiece. These forms are based off of organisms found in the scientific group that includes sea urchins and sand dollars. by Katie Schutte

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DIY Sand Dollar Resin Coasters - A Grandpa's Seashell Workshop Original

These DIY Sand Dollar Resin Coasters are unique and stunning! They make the perfect gift or add a special touch to your home decor! -The Soccer Mom Blog