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there is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything (MOLLYMIMI)

I love this so much. Never lose your passion, too many people these days are nothing more than embers dying out. Embrace your fire and love for the world.


"There isn't really anything I can do to change someone's perception of who I am. But I can be careful to try and nurture my perception of who I am. That would be the way toward being peaceful and happy..." - Ryan Adams


One of my number one songs of all time. Ryan Adams is a genius. "When you're walking down town, do you wish I was there? Do you wish it was me? With the windows clear and the mannequinns' eyes - do they all look like mine?"


Photograph by Neal Casal courtesy of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows


Ryan Adams (photo credit: L. Duquenois)

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Does Ryan Adams Want Mandy Moore Back?

Ryan Adams-Awesome Pic-BAD Caption!!-He deserves Better!