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The 50 Best Band Logos of All Time

Best Band Logos of All Time 48. Run DMC

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... Adidas tracksuit tops, Kangols, fedoras, heavy framed glasses, and of course Adidas Superstars (worn in true prison-style without laces) was a ...

RUN-DMC - "Walk This Way". Forget "Here Comes the Bride", this is my party., learn how to freestyle rap here:

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1986 | Run-D.M.C. becomes the first rap group nominated for a Grammy; for best "R&B Vocal Performance."

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Adidas Superstar : une histoire de basket et de hip-hop

Run DMC - No one can ever deny what they did for rap music.

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Run Dmc Mic Gold Hat And Adidas iPhone 6 Case

Run DMC Greatest Hits. King of Rock, My ADIDAS, Peter Piper, Down with the Kings, Tougher Than Leather. All songs that have enjoyed.

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1988-9 The Hip hop genre had just begun and along with the genre of music came a culture of tastemakers. Run DMC (pictured here: Jam Master Jay, Run, DMC) were big influencers in the hip hop world at this time; famous for their all Adidas everything style, leather jackets, leather pants, Lee jeans, gold chains, fedoras, and Cazal eyewear (DMC). (Kee G.)

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Hip Hop Fashion- consisted of oversized pants, gold chains, and snapbacks. Some popular brands for hip hop fashion were adidas, reebok, and fila.

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"LEGO Run-DMC" Large by Dan Shearn

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Run-DMC, Run-DMC - "It's good to be raw," said Run, and the metallic guitar powering "Rock Box" proved it when the song became the first rap video on MTV. Run-DMC's debut ditches party rhymes to codify B-boy style and make history, from the way they dress to their hard beats to the everyday subject matter of "It's Like That."

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