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Ruby Rose relates to Gender Fluidity that we discussed during our lecture on Gender. Gender Fluidity takes a wider, more flexible ranger in how you express your gender. She herself was a person of that. She believed only we as individuals knew who we are born to be and to be who you are.

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Back in summer 2015, when you thought you were straight but then Ruby Rose came around and confused the hell outta you..

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Anastasia "Tasha" Stark (Ruby Rose)

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Ruby rose, my inspiration.

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I'm kind of in love with her look

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So lässig, so lecker

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ruby rose wallpaper | Tumblr

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Ruby Rose. Holy Christ, this woman is beautiful! I want to look like her when I grow up!!!

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Open w/ Rose] I smirked as you walked into my room. I had been expecting some company but not this early in the day. At the moment I was only in a robe and underwear. "What do you want?"

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