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Rose McGowan vintage leopard print (looks like Vanity Fair, my favorite)

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Cult Characters

Amy Blue Rose McGowan Doom Generation Cult Film

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Rose McGowan and Darren Stein on Jawbreaker

1990s Rose McGowan .I'll fucking shred you you whore. Jawbreaker

"Deal with it..." (Jawbreaker)

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Rose McGowan... pale skin HAS to be perfect - it's harder to rock than tanned skin (which hides more); she has light shimmery body makeup and has carefully covered up any flaws/pigmentation marks. Gorgeous.

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sullenmoons: Rose McGowan photographed by Michael Stipe for Detour Magazine, 1997

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Rose McGowan - Jawbreaker premiere, 1999

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Rose McGowan gets fired for speaking out against sexism

Rose McGowan gets fired for speaking out against sexism:

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Rose McGowan, The Doom Generation (1995)

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Rose McGowan sporting ginger hair - really suits her complexion

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