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Flamenco Eggs with Tomato & Serrano Ham

Rick Stein's Flamenco eggs with tomato and Serrano ham is what you might call Spain on a plate – a sum-up dish of everything we love about Spanish cooking: serrano ham, chorizo, pimentón, tomatoes, garlic and onion. To these basic ingredients he's also added green beans and peas in this recipe from Rick Stein's Long Weekends, and you could also add sliced, cooked new potatoes or chickpeas or the big butter beans called judión.

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Bolognese sausage ragù with tagliatelle

Change up your bolognese by using sausages for this comforting easy pasta by Rick Stein.

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The Best Chicken Pie in Greece

The Greeks love their pies almost as much as we or the Aussies do, but theirs are made by building up thin sheets of filo pastry. This chicken pie was sensational, made by a mother-and-daughter team, Iro and Virginia Papapostolu, in the village of Aspraggeli in the region of Zagori, a mountainous part of Epirus. The pie is made from a whole chicken. The chicken and onions are first poached, and the liquid then reduced to a gelatinous sauce. It is the sweetness of the onions that really…


Rick Stein's seafood linguine recipe

An easy seafood linguine packed with prawns, squid and mussels


Rick Stein's roasted monkfish with crushed potatoes, olive oil and watercress recipe

Rick Stein's roasted monkfish with crushed potatoes, olive oil and watercress recipe - Telegraph

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Beef stroganoff with matchstick potatoes

A real classic. Beef stroganoff with matchstick potatoes by Rick Stein.

Rick Stein moussaka recipe From Venice to Istanbul

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Chicken with Marsala

Rick Stein's chicken with Marsala (polla alla Marsala) from Rick Stein's Long Weekends is an absolutely beautiful dish that's unbelievably quick to make, so it's perfect to sit down to after a long day. Why not make it tonight?

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Gnocchi con Granseola

Gnocchi con Granseola (Gnocchi with Crab) from Rick Stein's From Venice to Istanbul

This is another recipe from Rick Stein's latest book From Venice to Istanbul. The salad originates from Turkey and is called Kisir. I recently served it as part of a Middle eastern dinner which inc...