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Richard Ayoade - this man is brilliant | More

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Richard Ayoade: Fuzzy little man peach.

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A Gentle Man: Interview With Richard Ayoade..just fell in love with him a bit more. Humble and intelligent.

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17 Times Richard Ayoade Was The Hero We Needed

"The heartbreaking realisation that you are no longer asleep."

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"The Big Fat Quiz of the Year" is a treasure

"The Big Fat Quiz of the Year" is a treasure

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Richard Ayoade director of SUBMARINE | 2010.

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Richard Ayoade on Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Oh! I saw Submarine on Netflix, it was good :)

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Richard Ayoade - think he's adorable!

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Richard Ayoade: Funny is sexy. Then again, so are glasses. Very sexy.

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Richard Ayoade Is The World's Coolest Film Geek

I'd really love it if Richard Ayoade could just direct my life/be my best friend forevss #favedirectors

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