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This definitely happened in which case he probably earned s strong punch or growl

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Remus Lupin

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Sorry for the swears

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Remus Lupin by Natello's Art

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Remus Lupin by Natello's Art

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I don't know if I agree with this headcannon but it's pretty hilarious. Little baby Remus <3

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OH MY GOD WHO WOULD WRITE THIS *sobbing* *crawls into corner* *more sobbing* DANISNOTONFIRE

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I honestly love this gif of Remus so much because he’s just SO DONE with Sirius. He goes from being “Sirius, you have a wand to your throat. Now is not the time to start getting sassy and insult the person holding said wand” to “you know what, fuck it. Do whatever the hell you want. I’m done. Why do I even bother with this shit?” And you just KNOW that this exact same situation happened regularly while they were at school together.

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Remus Lupin was the greatest teacher in the whole world and anyone who says other wise is wrong.

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I'm still comvinced that Remus probably still had doubts about the whole thing and that's why he believed Sirius so easily.

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