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The DIY Tailor: An Easy Way to Fix Holes in Your Jeans and Other Garments

How to Fix Holes in Jeans


Darning tutorial.... oh the pairs of jeans I could have saved of the boys' had I known how to do this.

Arte e Manha: Remendar Roupa dos Miúdos de Forma Económica (com etiquetas da própria roupa)


Great Tips on how to mend clothes in cute and clever ways! You can even sew a torn toy using these tips ^+^ Crafting idea, mending fabriques, tricks


A few weeks ago, my daughter fell and skinned her knee. Her knee healed fine, but her pants not so much. We love these jeans. They fit her really well, which is rare. She asked me to fix them, so I...


Sweater Mending Tutorial. This actually makes me want to try needle felting. The little moths are gorgeous!

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Tutorial toppe jeans

Cómo remendar vaqueros/pantalones en la entrepierna. Instrucciones en italiano.

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Visible Mending as an art form.

More than 30% of the UKs unwanted clothing currently goes to landfill. If we were to only buy the clothes we need and wear them to their near death, we could significantly reduce the amount that is sent to landfill. Here a lovely tutorial showing how to mend clothes, making those sightly holes beautiful and your favourite clothes wearable once again.

Love this idea for fixing holes in jeans--a great way to showcase some easy needleweaving. #weaving

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DIY Sashiko Denim Repair (Boro)

How to mend/repair denim using Japanese sashiko embroidery