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hachidraws: “Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise) ”

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18 Quotes From 'The Notebook' That Prove Romance Is Alive & Well

“Sometimes we need to be apart to understand just how much we truly love each other.” ― Nicholas Sparks

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100 long distance quotes

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The Selection !! Team Maxon

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Principalmente a distância!

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Charcoal drawing trying to depict the pain and frustration of a long distance relationship. Original art @memoriesofalion

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Love or hate, it's just a minute distance

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I waited 4 years for her... Got her and then she left me... Now im waiting for her again... Ill wait a life time for her

SeoulSisterSopi: Jikook AU where JiKook are in a long distance relationship. (Even tough I think they would be like this even if it wasn't an AU)

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Distance canvas for a friend

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