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Redken Shades EQ Color Gloss Color Chart


Another view of this beautiful color! Glazed with equal parts redken shades eq 7nw and 7nb


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Redken Merlot & Sangria | 3rv & 5rv, so lucky I know redken color, I will definitely be trying this one out!!!


Formula equal parts of REDKIN shade EQ 09v(platinum ice) and 06cb(Amber glaze) generous amount Violet kicker and a drop of 5rv(sangria) leave on about 15-20 mins enjoy

Red violet using Redkens Shades EQ 03 Rv + 05 Rv + 06 R + a splash of 03 Rb More

Not necessarily something I would personally do with the color (although the shading is beautiful), but really liking the style.


HOW-TO: Balayage with Cool, Pale Blonde Ends - Hairstyling & Updos

HOW-TO: Balayage with Cool, Pale Blonde Ends - Hairstyling & Updos - Modern Salon


TRANSFORMATION: Rooty Rose To Ice - Career

Kristen Kologie (@bobandpage) owner of Bob and Page, Winnipeg Manitoba, shares the details for this amazing transformation. Kologie is the person in the photo sporting a color design by lead stylist Kristen Coy who formulated this shade on a highlighted level 7/8: STEP 1: To zone 1 & 2 (painted lower underneath as well) formula: 1 oz 03RB + 2oz 09RB in Redken Shades EQ Gloss. Process for 20 mnutes. STEP 2: Balayage with Redken Flash Lift 30 volume and Olaplex. Process for 25 minutes.


Redken shades eq hidden gems More


Redken Shades EQ Cherry Cola + Rocket Fire (50/50) applied it to the bottom 3/4's of hair {SC030814}