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I think about this a lot. Teachers and basically any other people who try to confront abusers about this need a good plan to protect the victim before they take any action or the abuse will get worse.

Both were important to me. The young princess, bold and angry, a figure of hope who strangled Jabba with a chain. The General, commanding her army and carrying on even though her son is Dark, her husband is gone, and her brother is missing. Both are so, so important to me.

Queen and Prince Consort of Alderaan


Grief isn't always because someone died. Sometimes it's over a loss of relationships.


Omg, I remember ronaldo saying this!!!!


So inspirational and encouraging to see these printable positive affirmations for moms. Love the printable cards!


How to Clean Air Vents - The Organized Mom


Rebuild a relationship


"Love it on Christmas Day when a label on a present says "From Mom and Dad" and you just know that dad has absolutely no idea what's inside, so you watch his reaction as well when you open it"


Gotta Repin every time I see it