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Wagon-Wheel Pie--Spam still promotes this recipe, see

If we're really lucky mom might let us eat some doughnuts made from "extra digestible" shortening!


I love vintage cake recipes... and I also remember shortening cans with the "key" to open the top.


A Strawberry Magic Pie 1966 | Hey, My Mom Used To Make That


Me-too Meat Loaf and Other Experiments from Campbell'sMmm, meat bundt! Source: Good Housekeeping, August 1969


Vintage Ad #149 - Spaghetti Meets Chicken, via Flickr.

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Golden Fudge Fancifills recipe (1979

Golden Fudge Fancifills recipe (1979)

Cheez Whiz ad - recipes for Chicken A La Whiz, Cheez Whiz Dumpling Soup and Rio Grande Supper

Vintage ad for yeast with recipe for High Hat Tuna Souffle