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30 Days of Whole30

30 Days of Whole30- a whole month of healthy meals! Gluten free, dairy free, and all delicious! A great meal plan.

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Hot Superfood Chocolate with Tahini & Turmeric

Ever since New Years Eve I’ve felt light in my chest in a way I haven’t felt in months. It seems like the universe spotted our lanterns solemnly sailing through the sky on Saturday and decided to gran

October Seasonal Produce List

Today, I’m sharing my October Seasonal Produce List! Every month this year, I am sharing a seasonal produce list so that you all can have a handy dandy printable to save on your phones, or reference when making a grocery list. In addition, my website is organized so that you can look at my Ingredient Index for a specific ingredient, and findRead More »

Orange Vinegar Cleaner Homemade Recipe

Add cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and almond extract to a jar or lidded container. Fill with orange peels. Add enough vinegar to cover the peels. Put the lid on and let it sit for 2 weeks (or up to 1 month)

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March Seasonal Produce List

New - March Seasonal Produce List! Welcome, spring! Use it to inform your grocery list and meal planning. |

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Benefits of quiting sugar -

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doTERRA Fennel Essential Oil Uses

Fennel Essential Oil Uses

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Date Paste - The Ultimate All Natural Sweetener

All you need to make this marvel of a natural sweetener is dates and water. So easy and delicious, it's become my favorite for baking and sweet treats.

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Lychee Fruit ~ Health Benefits & Recipes

Definitely to be planted on the property, hubby didn't like them till he ate them fresh here.

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How To: Turn a Whole Pork Loin Into 9 Full Meals & Save a Ton of Money

How to Turn a Whole Pork Loin Into 9 Full Meals. Save a Ton of money, and it's easier than it sounds!

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