Cambodia child "Jesus loves…all the little children of the world"!!!

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Model to Watch: Cris Urena from New York Models Photographer: Billy Kidd

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i'm in such a native american mood tonight. if that says anything about my mood...

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Style Inspiration - Native American - asuyeta [ah-soo-yeh-tah] clothes & accessories. handmade with love.

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Here is how the fire was born: a smear, a crackle, and a hiss. It coils, curls around my house, my land, and I stare as it licks the hills and trees. Its path weaves too quickly for me to distinguish, but I want to scream—I understand, I do. It is a hungry beast crippled by desire. It wants to survive; there are too many ways to survive, and we realize too little. So the fire crashes on, tearing through the green, the bricks, the mud. If the sky should ever burn, then this is its hurricane.

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.wow! you could almost climb right into his eyes...

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native american girls

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Image copyright AP Image caption Cruz presume de ser el único aspirante a la candidatura republicana con valores realmente conservadores. “Construiré un muro que funcione. La frontera insegura con México invita a inmigrantes ilegales, criminales y terroristas a pisar suelo estadounidense”. “Triplicaré el número de agentes que patrullan la frontera”. “Aumentaré la vit

Republicana pede demissão após dizer que filhas de Obama não tinham classe

Polémica por comentarios de asesora republicana sobre las hijas de Obama

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