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Anatomy of a CyberGoth, bahahaha love this one. Gotta love Voltaire for this one. I have this book. It's great. What is Goth? By Voltaire

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Love this creepy cyber gothic girly look. #cyber #gothic

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JOJO POST FASHION: FASHION IS ALL ABOUT CONFIDENCE. wearable technology. Modern, Insane Cyberpunk Hair, futuristic fashion, cyber fashion, futuristic look, Shoes, Night, Day, Girl, Teen, woman, Man Fashion. Hat, Cuff, Bracelet, Nail, futuristic boy, cyberpunk, cyber punk, cyber hair, future fashion. Steam, carapace, future, sexy, futuristic, futurism, sci-fi, scifi, futuristic girl, futuristic style, futuristic fashion.

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Cyborg Girl, Eve Ventrue on ArtStation at

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art, black hair, cyberpunk, draw, girl, green eyes, toxic, First Set on

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From Second Life, cyberpunk, punk girl, cybergoth girl

Cyberpunk Art by FuturisticNews

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Peering out of the steamy glass, she sighed contentedly at the star splattered sky outside. If only she could be sitting on a grassy hill, outside, instead of in a space shuttle with second hand parts.

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