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Será que permite que entre em seu coração,seu olhar me dá certeza mais suas mensagens não!tem coisa que fazem parte de regra mas acredito que sentimento existem para isso,ultrapassar regras e invadir o coração sem pensar muito e pedir licença.

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"Weiss Schnee"

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Love poem by Aisaka Taiga... Beautiful... Just beautiful... Breath taking... literally...

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woah I finally get why the anime is called Your Lie in April CRedit @animetweetz

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Sun Rain | RA [pixiv]

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"I'm tired of people judging my life without knowing story.." || Honeyworks' MV || © edited by Karunase ||

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anime arts                                                                                                                                                                                 More

anime arts More

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anime eyes! SO PWETTY >w

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i am a dreamer. i dream of the day that somehow some way that i will find you. Just to know that somewhere out there you are alive and breathing. too finally fill the void in my heart - the space i have saved for you, for when this love becomes our reality. but for now i dream.

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I want those shoes

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