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New X-Men: Apocalypse Olivia Munn Psylocke Image - Cosmic Book News

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Psylocke by Jeff Dekal *

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Say goodbye to the X-MEN as they each die in DEATH OF X variant covers.

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A look ahead at what's coming from House of Ideas this November.

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Psylocke by Yvan Quinet #XMen #XForce #Mutants

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Psylocke Poster-01

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Xmen Apocalypse Psylocke for Vue Cinema on Behance

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Psylocke Poster-02

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Psylocke Nouveau by ~hezaa Psylocke aka Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock is of British descent, despite having changed bodies with Kwannon-a ninja woman! Her psychic powers manifests themselves in a butterfly pattern around her face and she can use a psionic blade to disrupt the brain waves of sentient creatures.

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Psylocke vs. Wolverine

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