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Herrerasaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. Its name means "Herrera's lizard", after the rancher who discovered the first specimen. All known fossils of this carnivore have been discovered in rocks of Carnian age (late Triassic according to the ICS, dated to 231.4 million years ago) in northwestern Argentina.The type species, Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, was described by Osvaldo Reig in 1963 and is the only species assigned to the genus. Ischisaurus and Frenguellisaurus are synonyms

A pair of Chalicotherium feeding on leaves by Julio Lacerda


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Kentrosaurus aethiopicus mount in the MfN Dinosaur Hall


Jobaria is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that was discovered in Niger, northwest Africa. It lived 164 to 161 million years ago in what is known as the Mid Jurassic. It gets its name from a local Taureg myth about a giant beast who lived long ago, whom some still believe to be the fossils remnants of the dinosaur

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Let’s Give Ceratosaurus a Hand

The large Ceratosaurus at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Photo by Brian Switek.