Parent Functions (will need: linear function, quadratic function, inverse and exponential function)

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Precalculus Reference Sheet

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Making math fun - I'll more than likely need this for my Calculus class. >.

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parent functions and their graphs | will be moving beyond their introduction to functions and function ...

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Trig Identities Cut & Paste FREEBIE

SparkNotes: Precalculus: Trigonometric Functions: Trigonometric Functions

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SPSU Math 1113 Precalculus Cheat Sheet - PDF - PDF

This site is SO incredibly helpful!! They have awesome teachers who will make…

Rules of Logarithms & Exponents. I deal with logarithms everyday. sighh.

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This is an awesome post!!! really useful teaching technique for showing the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent .. maybe use blue instead of yellow for cosine though

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