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Margarita Neri,  a Mayan Indian from Quintana Roo who became a commander in Emiliano Zapata’s army during the Mexican revolution


Mari Pepa. 1942.Julio. No hay que ser atrevidos con las holas


A soldadera of the Mexican Revolution. Her name was Valentina Ramirez she was a Colonel and Pancho Villa's Love. She's my 2nd cousin's great grandmother


Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata ... a man whom I greatly admire. He sought to achieve political and economic freedom for the peasants in southern Mexico, and to lead them out of poverty. Once his ideals were achieved, it was his plan to step down and return to the life he once lived as a small landowner in southern Mexico. He was famous for his saying, "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."


1000s BC: Queen Gwendolen, a legendary ruler of Britain, She was the wife of King Locrinus of the Britons until she defeated him in battle and took on the leadership of Britain herself. Her husband Locrinus was in love with Estrildis, the daughter of the king of Germany whom he rescued from Humber the Hun. Locrinus left Gwendolen and married Estrildis. Gwendolen fled to Cornwall and built up an army. She met Locrinus in battle and defeated him. Gwendolen took the throne.


Meet the “Chinese Joan of Arc,” Qiu Jin (秋瑾) (1875-1907), a radical women’s rights activist who defied tradition to become the leader of a revolutionary army. Qiu Jin boldly challenged traditional gender roles and demanded equal rights and opportunities for women. She was the first woman to lead an armed uprising against the corrupt Qing Dynasty, for which she was arrested and executed. She became the first female martyr for China’s 1911 Revolution and is celebrated as a national heroine…

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José Doroteo Arango Arámbula-Pancho Villa

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula. Born June 5, 1878 – 20 July 1923), better known as Pancho Villa.


Flora Stewart, who had her portrait taken the year before her death in 1868, was a house slave in New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War. 117 years old!!


z- Las Adelitas - Women of Mexican Revolution -2b