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Are these the world's most stylish PIGS?

They are surrounded by pig paraphernalia - including this dustpan and brush


Penny Black 'Hedgy Truffles' Rubber Stamp by Penny Black

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Queima de Estoque! by FafI


20 Projects You Can Do With PVC Pipes

PVC has a lot more uses than just carrying sewage from one place to another. PVC…


Although tapirs are often mistaken for pigs and anteaters, they're in the odd-toed hooved animal family as are the horse and rinocerous. All four species of tapir are endangered. The Malay tapir is native to Asia, where its natural enemies are the tiger and man. The largest tapir, the Malay tapir weighs up to 800 pounds. It also has the most dramatic coloration, with black shoulders, head, and legs and a white band around the body.

Oh dear gawd, I think I just had a cuteness heart attack!!! :D #cute #guinea_pig #animals #pets #piggies #cute_overload

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Home sheep decorationcrochet sheepsheep stool by CrochetTreasury