This is probably one of my favorite versions of Piper. By Viria

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Piper McLean << I think this is the first picture that truly conveys how beautiful Piper is described to be

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soo this is Piper I’ve been drawing on livestream today..although I had to leave and added some more details later.

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monkeyscandance: I thought my outfits this week looked really cute, but instead of taking pictures, I draw Piper wearing them! She’d look good in anything, though.

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This is why I love Percy Jackson ! Rick creates beautiful people like piper and even though she is the daughter of Aphrodite she is still as beautiful and brave as annabeth .

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cindersart: kinda based on this post he wants another smooch but forgot hanging upside down = glasses falling off. what a nerd

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Piper Mclean and Hazel Levesque-- I love the art style, but what is up with Hazel's hair??

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Piper McLean – Rick Riordan | art by viria

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Piper McLean...

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