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Find out how to Make Your Own Pine Sol without the chemicals or harsh smell! Uses Melaleuca (aka tea tree) essential oil.


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Keep the flies away - Outdoor Ideas (Worth a shot) don't know if this is true or not. If not, can always use the pine sol for its original intention


Keep your toilet brush clean and fresh smelling by pouring a bit of Pine Sol in the bottom of the holder.


Flies hate PineSol, use in spray bottle, 50/50 water. Enjoy your summer more.


Want in on a simple one step solution to three different laundry issues? Cure yourself of moldy smelling clothes from sitting overnight/day, rid your front load washer of that icky mildew smell FOREVER, and fight stains on clothes without a lot of elbow grease! Just add one tablespoon of pine sol to every load of wash. I add mine to the liquid bleach slot and be sure to use their original formula. You can use up to half a cup if your load is heavily soiled. My washer has been smell free for…

So I did this last month but forgot to take picture, I refilled it today and let me tell you my house smells amazing. I have also tried it with other pine-sol fragrances and with faboulos. It last longer and houses smells clean for a few weeks. No more buying expensive oils. Idea by S.M.G ^_^


Keep Flies Away with Pine sol

Don't let flies spoil your next outdoor gathering. Keep them away with Pine- Sol.


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36 Brilliant Cleaning Tips for all the Perfectionists Out There


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DIY Disinfecting Wipes: Disinfectant Cleaning Recipe (this is the one I used): 1/4 – 1/2 cup of pine cleaning solution such as Pine Sol 2 1/2 – 2 3/4 cup of water


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