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Omg this actually happens I went out in pants and a sweater by the end of the night I was numb and in my friends dads jacket with my friend we continued as conjoined twins then got a stern talking to by a random stranger about how it's rude and to never do it again but then she still gave us maple candy and 5$ timmies gift cards

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can this please be Khanna and the Doctor one time? Khanna gets into a fight with some non demons after school and ends up limping to the TARDIS, embarrassed, while the Doctor cleans her up.

I've already pinned this but I will pin it again bcuz it is just to damn funny

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My friend actually did do something like this he used a british accent everyday in on of his classes. Until the end of the year when he decidd to switch back to American. Well one of the girls asked him out and then dumped him when she found out he wasn't English.

3VisD #1 (NaNo ’14)

"I just remember reading it and thinking it's hilarious. I thought it was the most crazy, absurd premise for a story I'd ever heard. I had to do it."-Emma on her first impressions of This Is The End

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My feelings about almost everything lately.... no joke

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Day 28: in an 80’s mood this week. Don’t you forget about me. don’t don’t don’t don’t. (hand lettering by Kelly Cummings)

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this is not ok ever! i am very upset about this crap!

Yeah no big deal, except that season 3 ended January of 2014!!! It's ok I'm ok (LIE)

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