Phil Coulson, Agent of SNARK. Agents of SHIELD

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The story of agent Phil Coulson... ????AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

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Phil’s Guide To: Bonding || How To Dad (with Phil Coulson) || #fanedit #humor

Phil’s Guide To: Bonding || How To Dad (with Phil Coulson) || #fanedit #humor

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"This is the reason we love Phil Coulson. We all know this is what really happened." This I like.

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And the award for 'Best character introduction in a TV Series' goes to Agent Phil Coulson - Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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That time he actually sassed his aging process into reversing. | 15 Times Coulson's Superpower Was Sass

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Nick fury director fury marvel mcu avengers Phil coulson

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Coulson: I'll be damned. Tatooine. #Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #AoS #AgentsofSHIELD 3x10 "Maveth"

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In all of the fuss over #saynotohydracap I forgot about Agent Phil Coulson. To him, Cap is the good in the world. For goodness sakes he built his moral compass off of the man! He quote " he still believes in heroes" obviously referring to Steve. So you tell me Marvel, HOW did Captain Steven Rogers manage to fool Agent Phil Coulson one of the best Agents to ever live. You are not only crushing Cap's image but Agent Coulson's too. We refused to let him be collateral damage once we'll do it…

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Tony Stark vs. Phil Coulson. I know who would win and his first name might be Agent.

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