Alguns amigos nossos acabaram de retornar de um mochilão pelo Perú e nos presentearam com essa foto tirada na região de Chincheros, pertinho de Cuzco! Tingimento natural, feito com frutas e musgos. Caminhantes, não há caminhos além do que fazemos durante o caminhar. "APROVECHA HOY!"

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Crème Brûlée feito de lúcuma. fruta originária do Peru. Aqui esta Coco, Santiago - Chile

Looking for a botanical project you can do between films over the holiday season? The Zooniverse has just the thing for you: Amazon Aerobotany. Euterpe precatoria. Dick Culbert / Flickr Amazon Aerobotany is a project based in the Tambopata National Reserve Peru and its looking a few problems that couldnt be tackled by botanists till recently. One is how many Huasaí palms (Euterpe precatoria) are in the forest?. Normally to find out youd have to count them which is easier said than done…

Receita de salpicão de frango light tem fruta seca e é feito com molho rosé de iogurte. Tome nota.

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ChocXO Fortunato 80% Dark Recently rediscovered by Don Fortunato, a long time Peruvian farmer, "Pure National Cacao" was thought to have been lost over a century ago. The unique quality of Pure National cacao lies in the fact that the trees grow in natural conditions and have done so for centuries, allowing them to yield a small amount of rare white cacao beans that lend a nutty flavor to the abundant fruity and floral notes.

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"An Apple a Day Is Not Enough" is a powerful poem written and performed by Taylor Mali (a well-known spoken word artist and teacher) about the importance of health education. It's done in the style of kinetic typography. We must get the word out about the importance of health education and its ability to get this country's health back on track—b...

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Graviola is a more effective anti cancer agent that normal Paw Paw. Studies done by Dr Leslie Taylor show that the Annonaceous acetogenins in Annona Muricata are more concentrated and numerous

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Torta de Merengue Lúcuma. This is a typical Chilean treat, done with meringue, whipped cream and a fruit called Lúcuma you can only find there (and in Perú).

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We're crushing hard on all ceviche right now: Sparklingly fresh and endlessly adaptable, the combination of raw seafood "cooked" in acid (and the so-called national dish of Peru) is how we want to cool off when temperatures rise. Gastón Acurio and Martin Morales show us how it's done. Read more!

raw vegetables laid out like a turkey

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