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Yeah this is how I feel too after a long fun night with good wine!! Ghost Glass Frog (Centrolene ilex)

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Conheça alguns dos animais albinos mais lindos do mundo!

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leprinceeric: belas-imagens:waiting for a friend by Ellenasusanti1

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Curiosidades sobre os Animais

ups frog ; ) Excidobates mysteriosus

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Phantasmal Poison Arrow Frog, Epipedobates tricolor | Almendariz's treefrog, Hypsiboas almendarizae | from Reserva Ecológica Tamandua, Ecuador:, additional photos at

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35PHOTO - Вячеслав Мищенко - НУ ЧТО Ж...ПЕРЕЖДЕМС..

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Chachi Tree Frog, Choco Forest, Ecuador

Purple belly and yellow top. Nice combination of colour.

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Transparency is a trait shared by all living glass frogs. In some species though, such as the Condor Glassfrog (Centrolene condor), the ventral peritoneum is white anteriorly, obscuring thus the heart and liver. (Photo by Alejandro Arteaga on Flickr)

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