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He's come along way from Ronny...

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Love Lessons from Hollywood's Best Husbands

“The key to a successful marriage is accepting that you’re not going to change the other person. And the words, ‘Yes, dear. Whatever you want." -- Patrick Dempsey #love #relationshiptips

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Patrick Dempsey. God yes. Yummy.

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Patrick Dempsey

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'Grey's Anatomy' fans launch petition to bring McDreamy back

Grey's Anatomy killed off Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd on Thursday night, and one fan launched a petition on in an effort to bring McDreamy back.

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Patrick Dempsey

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Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey

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Patrick Dempsey well-hello-there-gorgeous-3

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Le Mans 2015 Patrick Dempsey ~I love fast cars too! My Romantic Heart ~sandra de~

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