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<<>^^<>> Fossil Bee <<>^^<>> <>about 35 million years ago<>

Dinosaurs - Jurassic Period

Dinosaurs - Jurassic Period Poster (Many other good posters here:

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Dinosaur Footprints -- Cretaceus Period (120 million years ago) - Torotoro National Park -- Bolivia

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jurassic park Dennis Nedry

Pennywise The Clown 8" Retro Mego Style Figure Limited to 50

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Paleoillustration: Cryolophosaurus by Alain Beneteau. Photomanipulation.

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Progressive formation of an asymmetric fold evolving into a thrust with related ramp anticline. #ScienzeGeologichePage

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Eryops megacephalus, a primitive amphibian from the Early Permian period, 295-285 million yrs ago

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