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Pacha: emperor's new groove

"Pacha: emperor's new groove" by lidibonemayer ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Zero + Maria Cornejo, NEST Jewelry, Gucci, Dsquared2 and American Eagle Outfitters

"Pacha: Uh-oh. Kuzco: Don't tell me. We're about to go over a huge waterfall. Pacha: Yep. Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom? Pacha: Most likely. Kuzco: Bring it on."

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Salt Palace Convention Center

The Emperor's New Groove, with Yzma, Pacha, and Cuzco


Watching emperors new groove and the best part of the whole movie....... Llama face!!!!!!


Day 24 Favorite Parents: Pacha and Chicha. How they managed to raise two extremely energetic kids (and a third one coming) is just incredible. They really seem like the fun parents who'd be willing to do silly things for their children! And theyre an adorable couple too (who love to tease each other). Really Cuzco is like the spoiled and rebellious teenager that they were able to discipline and learn to care for..what a great family to be in.


This happens so often! Pacha (Emporer's New Groove) is also Sully (Monster's Inc.) That took a while to figure out.


The Avenger’s New Groove, I love this idea a lot for some reason?? Kuzco is Tony Stark, Pacha is Captain America.* *I SAID IRON MAN THE FIRST TIME BUT IT WAS A TYPO, I MEANT CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WHOLE TIME