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Horror’s Icons: Norman Bates

Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins)

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13 Iconic Movie Characters On Their Day Off

“Norman and Mother” - Psycho | 13 Iconic Movie Characters On Their Day Off

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'Bates Motel' Goes Full 'Psycho': A Photo Homage

'Bates Motel' Goes Full 'Psycho': A Photo Homage | Photo 3 of 8 |

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Norman Bates from tv show Bates Motel (Freddie Highmore) VS Norman Bates from movie Psycho (Anthony Perkins)

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Oh, C.K. Dexter Haven! Paramount Studios still of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, 1960.

The Bates house. Seen this many times at Universal Studios. The original setting of the movie. So, Universal in Orlando can suck it.

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I watched this last night for the first time, it was pretty good. Freddie Highmore does an amazing job of portraying Norman Bates

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Despite the ignorance in our society, there is also a movement of increasing the awareness of mental disorders. This not only helps people get the help they need but normalizes the experience of having mental disorder symptoms.

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Psycho (1960) @Candace Renee Renee Fowler @Chelsie Hudson @Lara Elliott Elliott F. @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Wilson @Carol Van De Maele Campbell Hunt @Hollie Harker

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Anthony Perkins on the set of Psycho, 1960. (This movie is a classic and scared the s--- out of me when I was a kid).

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