The Artist's Canvas Beautiful artwork of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji (Golden Temple) by @kashu_nuts (Instagram)

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Banana tree, palm tree, dictionary print, Vintage Botanical Illustration, Printed on an 8"x11" Antique Dictionary Page

It's nice seeing things done on something other than plain white paper.

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the artist’s canvas absolutely love this Ek Onkar...

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the artist’s canvas King of the Jungle. Here’s...

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the artist canvas very expressive emotion filled and powerful artwork by @kreativekaur Amazing.

This stunning work of art by Edu:Art @eduartgranada (Spain) was created through a technique of painting called #Pointillism in which small dots of color are applied in such a way that at a distance they blend into an image. Edu:Art beautifully captures the Sikh Holy Bath at Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) through his talented method of Pointillism. Remarkably beautiful. @sikhexpo

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Art supplies!

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the artist's canvas beautiful artwork by RGx Singh @rgxsingh "ਭਨ ਰਨੜਐ ਚਮਕਨ ਤਰ ਜਗਹ ਸਤ ਜਨ ਮਰ ਰਮ ਪਆਰ The night is wet with dew and the #stars twinkle in the #heavens.The #Saints remain wakeful; they are the #Beloveds of my Lord." @rgxsingh

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Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple - India

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Mangrovenwälder. From Auktionshaus Stahl - Guanzhong WU, (1919 Yixing, Jiangsu - 2010 in Peking)

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