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Elsa+Rapunzel+Moana modern edit by Alice D&D_youtube

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This is Makayla she is 15, loves nature and summer, has sun powers. Her parents abandoned her and left her at an orphanage. COMMENT TO ADOPT.

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Han. She is 18 and has powers of luck

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Modern Disney Characters!

El anuario! Lo acaban de dar me va bien esa foto no? astrid@art

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All Disney Princesses + Bonus (Giselle from Enchanted) in trendy Upper East Side outfits. This was inspired by punziella “Casual Princesses” which is super cool and cute.

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girl, metallica, and blonde image

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This is Bella. She's 14. She'll be a little shy when you first meet but once she actually gets to know you she can be a real sweetheart

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Lisa is 16. She really wants a family for her birthday which is in a month. Plz adopt.ADOPTED

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Left to right. First is Maya she loves animals and skating her average grade is B in school. They are both 15. Next is Kat She likes flowers and jewelry. Her average grade is an A-. I'm adopting

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modern disney princess selfie - Google Search

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