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Rest In Peace Mitch [1984-2012]

I would have lost my shit on the spot, that's just purely tragic and I am genuinely so so so sorry for his family and friends and his beautiful little girl. Rest in Peace Mitch Lucker❤️


That hair flip tho. You know what's funny. When Harry styles does it.. He gets judged REALLY bad for it. But because Andy has talked to Mitch 5 or 6 times. It makes every thing okay.< Harry Styles is a twat who probably saw the lucker stomp somewhere and thought "I WANNA TRY!" Nothing about Harry Styles is original, he doesn't even write his own music! It's a boy band and they have no business even ATTEMPTING the lucker stomp


(Sorry i made a spelling mistake on the first one i made) HEY GUYS PLEASE REPOST THIS EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM ANYTHING JUST GET THE WORD OUT TO EVERYONE, MITCH LUCKER WAS A LEGEND.... NO, BE WAS A GOD. HE SAVED SO MANY PEOPLE........ Including me... Emo's-have- ❤'s-too.....>> repost guys, in memory of Mitch Lucker


Austin Carlile to Mitch Lucker.. Oh this hurtss


you have to have this if you still love mitch alot and miss him RIP lucker stomp forever!


This poor man died in a motorcycle accident on November 1st at only age 28! and he was from a band called suicide Silence ..... He was A father,husband,brother, and son and friend. In memory for Mitch stomp everywhere all day on November 1st ( when he sang he'd stomp ) R.I.P Mitch <3 you'll be forever in our hearts


RIP Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, Kenadee Lucker benefit | Adam Elmakias | Music Photographer