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These 8 Inspiring People Prove That a Plant-Based Diet May be The Secret to Age-Defying Vitality

Age is Just a Number, Especially When You're One of These Age Defying Vegetarians! Amazing

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Chop-Chop Salad For the Salad 1/2 yellow squash 1/2 zucchini 4 stalks asparagus 1 cup broccoli 7 string beans 1/2 parsnip 1-2 small carrot 1 cup red cabbage 1/2 turnip

Mimi Kirk's Peach Pie

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Mimi Kirk, raw vegan. 75 years old.

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76 year old vegan, Mimi Kirk

This Eighty Year Old Bombshell Is Up-Ending Our Beauty Routines

We just love Mimi Kirk and discovered this beauty note from the aspirational seventy eight year old from an old interview with us. Read on for all the deets...

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Mimi Kirk's VERY DECADENT dark cacao milk shake, using almond milk & avocado, etc

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73-year-old Mimi Kirk, living a raw and vegan lifestyle. Lightly cooked foods sometimes. Mimi lives in California which makes living on a raw diet much easier due to the climate.

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Raw Lasagna by Mimi Kirk

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Mimi Kirks Raw Onion Crackers