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Arthur: "You can't hide anything from me, Merlin." Merlin chuckles. This is basically the whole show

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Every single episode! Why do all of the episodes surprise me than? (Even though I've seen all them twice I still get tensed):)

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this is the most hilarious, and accurate, description of season 1 that i've read so far

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Gaius continually shitting Merlin up with an overload of sass. //| Okokok don't hate me, I loved gaius' character, he was great, but I feel like his character was victimed with bad acting......... Just my opinion, my friend thinks his actor is great so I know that not everyone shares my opinion.

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Community Post: 8 Reasons Why BBC’s “Merlin” Should Be The Next Show You Marathon Watch

I am obsessed with Merlin! Call me weird but this show has more plot, character and life lessons than very many things out there. After series 5, I shall cry. Won't doubt if the finale does make me cry...

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Sorry, but the only one who takes souls is Crowley. But yes, this is the moment we all fell in love with Merlin.

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Bahahaaa...he's serious, I'm almost positive he is not joking

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