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Michael Rooker on set

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Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon - You're my brother ----That's okay I didn't need my heart anyway.

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Daryl & Merle Dixon ...The Walking Dead... I cannot believe we have to wait…

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You'd like my brother." Merle chuckled. "He's off in his head most of the time like you." "You say it like its a bad thing." She answered. More

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Jonnybernthal on

Before the prison, the farm, and Atlanta, they were just brothers surviving hell.

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The Walking Dead. Daryl and Merle Dixon. More

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The Walking Dead Posters created by Dave Watkins

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Dixon brothers!!! gotta love them !!

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Young Daryl and Merle Dixon XD

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The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon, Zombie, Walker

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