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Just discovered Matthew Goode in the Imitation Game. Very. Good. Looking. @glamflashphotography

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Matthew Goode on Hogan shoes, investing in Paul Smith and his new film with Benedict Cumberbatch

"You've got to admit, though, for the modern man a baby is the latest accessory." Matthew Goode new spokesperson for Hogan.

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Ben Whishaw and Matthew Goode (Robert and William: the Rivals!)

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BERRY hot men: Bearded hotties (31 photos)

Matthew Goode in Leap Year...I don't know if it was the accent or the scruffyness but he was hot in that movie!

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Art Of Seduction: Stoker (2013)

mia wasikowska, nicole kidman, matthew goode, park chan-wook, Sexuality and…

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I played a game called mash. My wedding dress in is the color peach and my cake is Strawberry, I married Matthew Goode, i live in a apartment, I am a photographer and make $999.00 a week, I have two kids named Jester and Amelia and I have a pet hedgehog. I would be okay with that life.

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Make sure you look damn good while hiding in the woods with these earthy tones.

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NYC-based celebrity photographer Stephanie Diani photographed British actor Matthew Goode, currently seen in “The Imitation Game,” for Backstage Magazine at The Egg Shop NYC last month. Goode stars opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in the Alan Turing biopic, and will also be appearing in “Downton Abbey”.

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Matthew Goode Trenchcoats are awesome.

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Matthew Goode, most famously known as Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias in Watchmen (2009). I usually don't like the hipster glasses thing, buuuut I'll make an exception here.

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