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Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with dark hair and light eyes (30 photos)

Matt Lanter ... My second favourite alien ... Naturally we started watching a show earlier this year and naturally it got cancelled ... But I did enjoy this kinda Max Evans ...

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Spell HOT #MattLanter #beverlyhill90210

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Author Tammy L. Gray might cast Matt Lanter as Jacob Massey in her novella WAVES OF SUMMER, part of the Just One Summer collection

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Matt Lanter

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Matt Lanter- One reason I can't wait for 90210 to start back up!

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Malcolm Barrett, Abigail Spencer & Matt Lanter #Timeless

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Christian Grey?? his name is Matt Lanter & he is the right age...

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Winner for best eyes: Matt Lanter. I can't get over them! :)

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Matt Lanter...he's kinda cute...couldn't help but pin him ....;)

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