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Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Cake Recipe

Impress your guests with this traditional Mary Todd Lincoln White Cake Recipe, which contains candied cherries and pineapple.

The Many Dresses of Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum


Mary Todd Lincoln was a handful...but Lincoln loved her.

Letter from Mary Todd Lincoln to Abraham Lincoln. "Mary Todd Lincoln, who believed her great antipathy to the general was shared by the public, advised her husband in this letter to remove McClellan from the command. Whether she influenced her husband's decision is unknown, but on November 5, 1862, Lincoln placed the Union forces under the command of General Burnside." Library of Congress


Mary Todd Lincoln: Was She Insane?

Mary Todd Lincoln, married to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Her life was filled with great triumphs and great tragedy. She was first lady during the civil war and neither the southerners nor the northerners accepted anything she did. Her husband's assassination in 1865 shattered her and eventually she outlived her children as well. She struggled with mental illnesses.


Wedding day photograph of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd taken November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois after three years of a stormy courtship and a broken engagement.


Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882, Wife

Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882, Wife of Abraham. Lovely color added to her CDV.

Photograph of Mary Lincoln, taken by Matthew Brady in 1861


How Lincoln’s Oscar-Nominated Costumes (and Sally Field’s Weight Gain) Made an Eerily Real Presidential Couple

Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln | Vanity Fair


Mary Todd Lincoln's Vanilla Almond Cake

A young Mary Todd lincoln