Not Benedict but I just thought to myself doesn't Martin look lovely here?! I thought you'd appreciate it. :)

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Martin Freeman More

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The rising tide and magnificent cresting wave of his hair...

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Martin Freeman, sorry for the fingers everyone but I do find his face very interesting in this photo.

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Martin Freeman. John Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock Holmes. Hedgehog. Otter.

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Mark Gatiss on Martin Freeman

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Oh my gosh!!!! This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Martin Freeman hugging and kissing a kitty! <3 <3 The sheer cuteness is almost unbearable!!

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Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Do you think Martin is on his toes or is Benedict crouching down a little!?

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Martin Freeman. Love Him! But sometimes I can't tell if he is joking or is actually that vain.....

larygo: “ by Scott Council (x, x) ”

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