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Can't go wrong with her old school hits

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What Mariah Carey Hit Are You?

Mariah Carey - I loved her in the 90s More

Mariah Carey Bashes Her Own '90s Look: ‘I Knew It Wasn’t Good’

Mariah Carey was not a fan of her ‘90s hair and makeup — read her quotes about her former beauty team

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young (She looks so innocent)!

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90's mariah will always be iconic to me because i love the 90's and it was definitely mariah's golden age and she was just serving looks.

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Kermit on

MAC Mariah Carey Collection

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mariah carey - seeing her here brings me back to the early 90's when my sister used to blare her music in the hallways of our house.

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A young Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey: she's got the persona of a paperweight. It's like I want to stick a cattle prod up her arse to get a reaction. And she looks like a bleached skinned creampuff!

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there can be miracle when you believe

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