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Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) (1847-1928, colorized & very young by unknown artist. Wife of Alexander III (1845-1894), Russia..


1894 or 1895. Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928) wears a scarf-ruff that completely seals off her neck and a dress with big leg-o-mutton sleeves in this photo. Her husband, Alexander III, died in 1894 so she is in mourning.


Tsaritsa Maria Feodorovna of Russia, 1866 - Princess Dagmar of Denmark (sister of Princess/Queen Alexandra of England) in her engagement jewels

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia with his mother Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia in the 1890s. "AL"


Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia – Russiapedia The Romanov dynasty Prominent Russians

The daughters of the kings of Denmark, born in 1847 and her full name was Maria Sofia Federica Dagmar. In 1866 she married Alexander III of Russia and became Tsarina by the name of Maria Feodorovna Romanova.

Maria Feodorovna. Love her court gown...tried to find a picture of the actual gown but no such luck.


Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia and the traditional court dress she’s wearing…


Maria Feodorovna (Princess Dagmar) (1847–1928) Denmark wearing a fur-trimmed red dress by François Flameng (Hermitage) in 1894. Wife of Alexander III (Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov) (1845-1894) Russia. 4th Child of King Christian IX 1818-1906) Denmark & Princess Louise (1817-1898) Hesse, Germany. Christian was not in the immediate line of succession to the Denmark throne. But, Christian became heir to the throne in the unexpected extinction of the senior line of the House of Oldenburg.


Maria Feodorovna wears an elaborately draped and imposing crinoline dress in this photo taken shortly after her marriage in 1866.