☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy dramatic black and white photography - Musicly Inclined by Thomas Hawk

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Keyboard with Corresponding Notes on Grand Staff. Scroll down a bit on link until you see the worksheet. Just under the worksheet is a link to the PDF (copy and paste).

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Hallelujah Partitura de Piano de Leonard Cohen Partitura de Aleluya de la BSO de Shrek de Rufus Wainwright

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Should go under piano, but it's a staircase. This is the problem I run into trying to clear cut my boards...conflicts of interest!!

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Miscellaneous items piano ring necklace bangle ring by spintea, £185.00

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"Our minds and souls need constant stimulation and music makes us remember of the beauty that lies within. We have decided to bring to you some of the most beautiful works of art that have been inspired by the concept of music and what is interesting is that they are as beautiful as the music itself. Enjoy!"

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Or have a smaller horizontal keyboard on the door and have people play a piece of music so I can guess what they're trying to play by the tapping noises before opening the door. (:

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Key Signatures, Major and minor!

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My Way Partitura para Piano A mi Manera Sheet Music My Way Partitura de A Mi Manera Para Piano de Frank Sinatra y Arturo Sandoval Music Score

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"The ability to play music by ear has more to do with what is felt rather than what is heard." ~ Smilingheart Barbara ♥

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