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hanga gallery . . . torii gallery: Flowering Lotus by Ohara Koson

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Lotus Flower Yoga symbole aquarelle Illustrations par PainterlyDots

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I like Pictures / gardenofelegance: jmoney867: ... on imgfave More

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I Fiori di Loto affondano le radici nel fango e si distendono sulla superficie delle acque stagnanti uscendo da esse immacolati e bellissimi: per questo sono il simbolo di chi vive nel mondo senza esserne contaminato, di chi vive vegan ♥.

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flor de lotus desenho - Google Search

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The lotus connects the three spheres of earthly existence- land, sea, sky because it grows from the mirky mudd through the water ultimately reaching the sky above. It is a symbol for awakening to the spiritual reality of life.

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The flower starts as a very tiny flower in the muck and mud of a pond. Then it grows continuously towards the light to the ponds surface. After the flower gets to the surface of the pond it starts to blossom turning into an exquisite and beautiful flower.

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What is the significance of the lotus? What does the lotus mean? Spiritual Yoga Symbols and What they Mean. Mala Kamala Mala Beads - Boho Malas, Mala Beads, Yoga Jewelry, Meditation Jewelry, Mala Necklaces and Bracelets, Mala Headpieces, Childrens Malas, Bohemian Jewelry and Baby Necklaces

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Would be a great tattoo to represent infertility struggles(lotus) and how it's attached to the heart.

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Lotus Flower Metal Wall Art Lotus Metal Art by INSPIREMEtals, $50.00

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