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Meowijuana Catnip Buds Purple Passion

Very cute. Looks like he's praying (mkc via Chikako Asai).

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sea otters holding hands - Google Search

AHHH my favorite animal (the sea otter) since I was like 4!

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praying otter "God is great, God is good. let us thank him for our food. Amen"

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I like otters because they carry around their favorite rock in a pouch. No other animal carries around rocks. That rocks.

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Dummies of the Year

24 Random Pictures for Today If You'd like, click the link to see more like this:

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Cuteness overloaded: Baby Otters

Cuteness overloaded! Baby Otters too otterable !!

Cuteness overloaded: Baby Otters

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Otters Holding Hands Art print - Otterly Romantic - perfect wedding present or engagement gift

Otters Holding Hands in Love Art print of original otter painting - perfect for Valentine's Day by WhenGuineaPigsFly on Etsy

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens | Oriental small-clawed otter

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This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness

Baby Otter <3 <3 <3 how cute is this little baby girl!!!

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Cute baby otter

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“Our team for Alaska filmed this sea otter mother and her pup floating in Prince William Sound. The mother will fluff up the pup's dense fur, trapping a…”

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Asian Small-Clawed Otter | Cute Baby Animals From Around the World | PawNation

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Sea Otter Mom & Pup

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Estas fotos de nutrias bebé son muy tiernas

¡MÍRALA! | Estas fotos de nutrias bebé son muy tiernas More

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Have I told you lately that you're fabulous? LOL. This Sea Otter is so Cute. ❤

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