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Ouch. I mean, really OUCH. Especially the third picture down on the left, when he's begging Odin to tell him about him being a frost giant, and the TRUE pain he felt in that scene, not just a facade he was putting on ....... goodness, OUCH. Loki ❤️

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Percy Jackson God of Loyalty (Percy Jackson and other Crossovers) - Chapter 5- Background

Percy Jackson God of Loyalty, Friend of Loki Odinson(Percy Jackson and the…

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Loki silhouette. I love this painting! Simple yet effective:) credit to the artist!

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really though

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TOM The Next Level<<< there should also be a Bucky in there somewhere

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Thor Odinson on

*Breathing Intensifies* I about gave myself asthma.

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Im jailed :/ on

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

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I internally lol-ed at this so hard, it's a wonder I haven't burst yet. Can't literally laugh-out-loud 'cause at work.

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Tom Hiddleston Page on

I feel like everyone's reaction to this is just 'lol rebellious teenager' and mine is caught between 'wow, not much of an age difference now!' And 'sobbing'

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Loki and Minions - If you've seen the Minion movie, this makes total sense. <3

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