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Universal Tube Cleanser $10.95


Paperboard cleanser can replacement: cut away aluminum sprinkle-top lid from container; trim cleanser lid to fit a small-mouth canning jar (use a jar lid as a size guide). Place on jar and secure ring. To store you can use a canning jar lid over the sprinkle-top lid - the ring will fit over both.

de Gogo Jewelry

Palm Frond Ring - Master

Palm Frond Ring : Gogo Jewelry A beautiful ring handcrafted in Alpaca, a metal alloy that is a combination of copper and nickel. Acidity may cause discoloration. Hand wash with a mild abrasive metal cleanser or use a polishing cloth. Measurements: 11/16" x 13/16" in diameter.

Celery – has a high percentage of organic sodium which is vital to many bodily functions. Celery is high in magnesium and iron, a combination which is valuable as a food for the blood cells, high in Vitamin C and helps in cancer prevention and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Diuretic, blood cleanser, highly alkaline, sodium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, iron

Toast smocked dress, $110 / Long sleeve cardigan / Asos shoes / Brown bag / Shell bracelet / Pull Bear black ring, $6.53 / American apparel eyewear / De luxe body cleanser / Rosenthal vase, $48


Chocolate Kiss Rings...Just in time for Valentines day!!!!!


theYOUtrend' a Fashion Styling initiative: Your weekly beauty regime for a healthy skin in 5 ...

Slow down the tarnishing of silver: Store your jewelry in a plastic zip top bag. Be sure to remove all air from the bag. Add a “pillow” of desiccant to the zip top bag. These pillows are found in your new shoes, purses and other leather items.


Easy Natural DIY Jewelry Cleaner

Natural Jewelry Cleaners - ♥ Real Beauty Spot ♥


Bathtub rings are usually the result of using oily bath products. Clean with warm water and a mildly abrasive cleanser after using such products.