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lily evans by nymre . Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration Inspiration

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I think I'm very similar to Lily Evans, except I really can't dance and I can draw. This description of her is TOO PERFECT

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Lily Evans

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Lily Evans, Ginny Weasley, Lily Potter :) so darling. I love how Harry's mom was red head. it's like a sign that Harry was going to end up with Ginny.

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Lily Evans wants none of your crap and even the marauders get a little sick of the epic that is James Potter’s “pursuit” of love

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The Harry Potter Cast Reimagined as Anime Characters

Harry Potter - Severus Snape x Lily Evans - Snily << MY FEELS

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Remus Lupin and Lily Evans - “Your mother was there for me at a time when nobody else was.”

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Todos los derechos reservados por Millie J.A Clinton

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Lily Evans & Severus Rogue (Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort)

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| James Potter and Lily Evans | I don't know who Mulciber is but now I love this headcanon.

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